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In today’s workplace, many firms are experiencing a wide range of problems with employees. Most can be sorted out by a quick consultation, others need a more complex approach. 


For example, recent legislation has been introduced by the Government, covering how internal Grievance and Disciplinary matters are dealt with. Employers are required to inform their employees about these. Failure to do so could lead to increased awards for compensation from aggrieved employees. In addition any claim for dismissal can automatically be deemed to be unfair.


At the “Personnel Office” we aim to help smaller employers address these and other employment issues such as Equal Opportunities, Disability Discrimination and Health and Safety.


We can help you in several ways:


  • We will review your existing Policies and procedures and, if necessary, amend them or introduce what is missing. If you have not already done so we will draw up a set of “Conditions of Service” for your employees (a legal requirement). We will also prepare  an “Employee Handbook.”
  • We will provide you with a 24 hour “Employers’ helpline” to advise you to how to deal with employment issues as they arise.
  • We will provide advice and compile evidence on your initial response to an Industrial Tribunal in the event of an application to the Tribunal by one of your employees.
  • Alternatively, for a set fee, we can arrange to work for a fixed number of days per month with your Company . The number of days you require will be tailored to your needs and agreed in advance with you.
  • We can also help you with advice on any grants available for training.


This comprehensive service is tailor made for small firms who cannot afford the luxury of a full blown Personnel Department.

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